How Taking Coffee Shortly Before Sleeping Can Boost Your Mental Alertness

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How Taking Coffee Shortly Before Sleeping Can Boost Your Mental Alertness

Post by Charon_I » Wed May 15, 2019 2:51 pm

Everyone of us has had that awkward night where we planned to stay up and study, so we drink gallons and gallons of coffee in an attempt to improve our mental alertness but lo and behold we would succumb to the seduction of sleep like Samson to Delilah :roll: .
I would often rant and complain about how the coffee must have been fake or maybe it didn't contain enough caffeine... not anymore. New scientific studies have now shown us how to get it right every time. I present to you ... "THE COFFEE NAP"

COFFEE & NAP in one sentence might seem odd.. surprise surprise, you didn't see it coming but taking a cup of coffee shortly before taking a nap can help to boost your energy levels and increase mental alertness.

Many people have endorsed this habit as a way to boost energy levels.

How to Time your Coffee Naps perfectly

Most experts propose that the best way to take a coffee nap is to consume caffeine right before falling asleep for approximately 15–20 minutes.

This timing is suggested partially because it takes about that long to feel the effects of caffeine.

Moreover, you may fall into a type of deep sleep called slow-wave sleep if you sleep for a half-hour or more.

Waking up during slow-wave sleep can lead to sleep inertia, a state of drowsiness and disorientation. It’s thought that limiting coffee naps to less than 30 minutes may prevent this.

The time of day that someone takes a coffee nap may also be important.

One small study in 12 healthy adults found that participants who had 400 mg of caffeine — the equivalent of four cups of coffee — six, three or zero hours before bed all experienced disrupted sleep.

This research indicates that it may be best to take coffee naps more than six hours before bedtime.

Finally, the amount of caffeine consumed before a coffee nap appears to impact its effectiveness.

Most research suggests that 200 mg of caffeine — about two cups of coffee — is the approximate amount you need to feel more alert and energized upon waking.

Coffee naps may increase energy more than coffee or sleeping alone, although research to support this effect is limited it is advised to take about 2 cups of coffee right before a 20-minute nap this way you can reap the maximum benefits of the coffee nap.

To avoid nighttime sleep disturbances, stop drinking coffee at least six hours before bed.

Coffee naps may certainly be worth a try, as long as you don’t go overboard with your caffeine consumption.

With UNIZIK exams are around the corner I hope we all reap the benefits of the Coffee Nap.. I'll be looking forward to your testimonies in the comment section. :mrgreen:

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